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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Ladies and gentlemen...  I apologize...

I have been slacking QUITE a bit on blogging... 

I've been shoveling snow, working on new pieces and getting ready for craft shows coming up and trying to get my girls ready for Halloween!

Insert SUPER cute picture of my girls HERE:

That's right guys!

A Zombie Cowgirl (because "Mommy I don't think a cowgirl is what I want to be because it's not scary...  So I think I'm gonna be a ZOMBIE Cowgirl")...

And Rapunzel...  From Tangled...  And YES - that IS a frying pan.  If you don't know what it's about - then you havne't seen the movie...  If that happens to be the case - see it...  It's SUPER cute :-)

We had a great night...  

Though it was cold - did you notice I mentioned earlier in the post that I was  
We got 6 inches at our house...  SoIt was crazy...  The weekend before it was an awesome sunny day and we went to Kings Dominion for their Fearfest...  Then BAM!  Snow comes the weekend after.....  And it just so happens to be the weekend before we have to traipse around in peoples' yards LOL :-)

Short and sweet this evening...
I'm swamped with getting everything together for the shows and my hubbs has a race this weekend!


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