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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blogs I Love...

My BESTIE Jamie has a wonderful blog over at One Step at a Time...  I'm so inspired by her running and just her entire outlook on life.  Not only do I love this girl - her little man LJ is amazing and you can read alot about him on her blog too <3

There's Flamingo Toes -- SOOO many ideas on this blog and I LOVE their Think Pink Sundays!

Of course there's Little Miss Momma as well!  I love her clothes, house, ideas - and basically EVERYTHING about her blog!  She also has a pretty AWESOME Etsy shop!

For EVERYTHING couponing - I go to Must Love Coupons.  My girlfriend from high school, Brandi, runs this site.  She is how I got started into my semi-extreme couponing that I do.  It's a great feeling to know that I'm getting a great deal on SO many things that I used to spend full price on!  Alot of the things that I get are even FREE or a MONEYMAKER!  Check her out!


Those are just a few...  I'll be back and link up to a few other blogs that I love in the near future.  For now - ENJOY!!!

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