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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ella June the next Mia Hamm?!

That's my littlest princess - Ella June...

For the past 2 years, Kate has been playing soccer (future superstar - SERIOUSLY).  Ella has been patiently watching from the sidelines and playing with Kate at home while she practices.  She would occasionally ask when she could play soccer and say "I can't wait until I'm 5, so I can play soccer like Katey!"  Well much to our surprise, the soccer association started a new group this season called "Kiddie Kickers".  As soon as we found out about it, we signed her up!

So her first game was Saturday and she did great! 

Truth be told it's more of an instructional session for about 40 minutes and then the last 20 they split up, put their vests on and play games.  I have to say, I really hope that this last Saturday was such a mess because they were short one coach and it was the first session.  Seriously - we pay to much money for things like this to have my daughter running around doing nothing for the last 20 minutes...  Her "coach" even asked one of the parents to step in and do his job so he could go talk to another coach!  UGH!  In the end though, Ella had fun - which is all that matters.  We did have a little bit of an issue and had to explain to her that she wouldn't have the ball all the time and other people had to have a chance to kick it too LOL... 

She definitely knows how to listen to her coaches though and has a great interest in wanting to play.  Truth be told, she's gonna be the one that throws her weight around too.  She'll be the rough and tough one I think lol...

And maybe she won't grow up to be a superstar - or maybe she will, but either way I'll always be her #1 fan :-)

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