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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Runner-ing Into Fall

Hello followers!!!

The temperatures around here have been getting cooler and it's wonderful!  I cut my air conditioner off over a week ago and it's fabulous! 

So I've been picking out a few ideas to revamp my house for Fall!  Last week I made a pumpkin centerpiece for my kitchen table :-)  I've hung my beautiful Fall wreath on my front door and we're looking for pumpkin patches and apple orchards to visit with the kids!  YAY for Fall!

I have been looking for a country/modern style table runner for my kitchen table and have found a few but just couldn't find one that I liked enough to pay the price that was being asked for it.  So - as I've said before - if I can make it and not have to buy it - I'M IN!  Everything I have seen is at least $25 for a table runner and there is always something I'd change about it.  (Now, that's not to say that what I made is perfect but it's a little closer to what I was looking for and I'm overall happy with it.)

I went to JoAnn Fabrics yesterday because they're having their "Coupon Commotion" sales this week and I had a coupon for every single thing I bought there!

Here's what I used:

: Burlap - A piece about 10-12 inches longer than your table.
: 2 pieces of muslin material
: Leaves (or whatever you'd like to decorate your runner with)
: Hot glue gun

I frayed the edges by pulling a couple strands of burlap out on each side.  Then put the pieces of muslin on each end and laid out the leaves!  It really didn't take long at all!

Finished product?  Right here!  But pardon the tablecloth that definitely needs to be ironed!

What do you think?!

Next up on the blog - an adorable twist on a placemat!



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