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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Upgrading the runner - (Just a little over a week later...)

So I decided that I wasn't really completely happy with my original table runner that I made... 

I was inspired by THIS and wanted to make another one!

So off I went!

Here's the supplies that you'll need

  • Burlap
  • White muslin material
  • Natural muslin material
  • Black ribbon
  • Fall (or any other season if you prefer) decor - flowers, leaves, etc
  • Alligator clips
 I cut the natural colored muslin fabric in about 6 inch strips and the white muslin in about 4 inch strips.  Runners can be made as thin or as wide as you'd like them to be depending on your table size.  I usually make mine about 10-12 inches from each edge of the table on either side.  After cutting it was time to SEW!

I have my Memaw's sewing machine on loan because the presser foot on my great grandma's is moving when I try to sew and I need to get it fixed...

You'll want to pin the pieces of material to make the ruffles on either end of the runner. 

Stitch the edge of the muslin material and then pin the ribbon on the opposite edge of the muslin material and stitch on.

Attach the natural colored muslin material to the burlap and then do the same with the white muslin on top of the natural colored material.


Then VOILA!  You have a sweet little runner...

 I attached some plain ribbon to the alligator clips just to hide the silver clip.  Then made a small bouquet of leaves and berries, attached them to the clips and added them to the runner to give it  a "Fall touch". 

I can definitely say that I think it will look adorable in the Spring as well with some bright daisies or other flowers maybe?

What do you think!?  I'm always open to feedback!


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