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Monday, September 12, 2011

"You so totally rock, Squirt! So gimme some fin..."

Whew!  What a Saturday!

Hubby was working all day so the girls and I took off for a couple adventures!

First it was off to the Mom 2 Mom Consignment Fall sale!  We found a few good deals but the prices at the Fall sale were nowhere near as low as the Summer prices!  I was a little let down by it simply because people had much higher prices on the clothes there!  Either way - the girls ended up getting a couple cute pieces each :-)  AND I also decided that I'm going to work on bulking up my "in stock" pieces and have a goal of being a vendor at the Spring Sale!  **WOOT WOOT!**

After the M2M sale it was time to come home and finish the cupcakes for Elizabeth's baby shower!  I had found a cupcake recipe and emailed it to Elizabeth a few weeks ago and after seeing how excited she got about it I couldn't wait to make them!  I chose a "Lemon Supreme" cake with raspberry preserve filling.  Can you say DIVINE?!

I was a little nervous actually because I had only worked with fondant once before on Ella's first birthday cake (which was 3 years ago!).  But with the help of my good friend April, we cut out and pieced together fondant TURTLES!  We cut them out Wednesday night and then pieced them together on Friday night so that all I would have to do on Saturday was put them on the cupcakes.  So I got home after the sale, drizzled some (amazing might I add) cream cheese frosting on them!  Then it was on to adding the turtles and the sweet little "A"s that I made as well!

The whole time we were putting the turtles together and even when I was putting them on, all I could think of were the turtles in "Finding Nemo", hence the title to this post...  I'm a sap for any Disney movie really, but this is easily one of my faves!

After getting all the cupcakes ready - it was on to the shower!  I was so excited to get there and put my little works of art on display!  I made sure to keep an eye out for when anyone came up to them to check them out.  A couple people even took pictures of them because they liked them so much! :-)  That literally made my day!  More important than anything, Elizabeth was tickled pink!  Or well, blue and green I guess!  And let me tell you what - Little Mr. Aiden is LOVED already!  Everyone had a wonderful time, enjoyed (multiple) cupcakes and showered Elizabeth the way every mother-to-be should be!

Here's a couple snapshots of the little dudes!


-- Kristie

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